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Information that might be of interest to board computer technicians, site managers and system operators can be found here.

The StudentLink package is made up of htm, pdf, jpg and gif files only. There are no "active" elements (.exe, .dll., .vxd) in the StudentLink folder. The hierarchical structure of the StudentLink folder must be maintained in order for the menu system to function correctly. To the right is a "map" of the entire structure.

  • Directory maintenance: Consider marking the Studentlink directory and its contents as read only files. This way students can't accidentally (or  intentionally) edit the Studentlink files. Remember to remove the "RO" attribute prior to updating the directory and replacing it after the update is complete.

  • Update difficulties: As different school and school board web servers have different directory mappings, it's impossible to suggest a "default directory" for the StudentLink files. Please make note of the location of your original installation of SL so you know exactly to where the monthly update needs to be expanded.

  • Corrupt or misplaced files: If by some chance your original, custom - built SL image should become damaged, lost or misplaced, don't worry. We keep all board's SL images archived. Just give us a call.

  • Some Windows NT servers require that "start" pages must be named default.htm. We have a special redirector page that will convert SL to meet that situation. Contact us.

  • You just can't beat an up-to-date browser. StudentLink has limited website selections based on compatibility with the following four plug-ins. They are hot-linked here:

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    Shockwave Player

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    Real Player
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    Acrobat Reader 

Your suggestions, questions, and comments are most welcome here.

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