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2 Social Studies Heritage and Citizenship: You'll find an mini-introduction to the flags, customs and cultures of several countries. Thanks Kevin!
2 Science Teacher Greg Mitchell has sent in this worksheet on Simple Machines.
2/3 Science Here is  a walkthrough for grades two and three about the rainforests of the world. Thank-you anonymous teacher contributor!

2 Canadiana A research exercise on Canadian inventions.
2 Health & PE A lesson about Bullying.
2 Health & PE An activity about Safety at home.
2 Language Arts Learn about plants and animals in the arctic.
2 Environment Learn all about the Blue whale.
2 Canadiana All about our country's flag.
2 Literacy/Sci Learn more about Dogs through the Enchanted Learning web site.
2 Literacy/SS Learn about the Seven Continents.
2 Science All about Simple Machines.
2 Language Arts Yuk! Read all about the Yuckiest Site on the Web.
2 Language Arts Learn all about that fun yellow monkey, Curious George.
2 Environment An exercise in Global Citizenship by the StudentLink team.
2 Mathematics Here's a lesson on Graphing for Grade Twos.
2 Literacy/SS A small research project on Canadian Thanksgiving.
2 Literacy/Sci Grade 2's learn about Construction vehicles.
2 Literacy/SS All about care and feeding of the family pets.
2 Literacy/SS Arctic Plants and Animals and their habitat.
2 Literacy/Sci Learn about the parts of a hurricane.
2 Literacy/Sci All about Hydro Power!
2 Literacy/Sci Learn about that Canadian Icon, the Beaver.

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