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2/3 Science Here is  a walkthrough for grades two and three about the rainforests of the world. Thank-you anonymous teacher contributor!

3 Language
By reading and completing comprehension activities, students must decide which suspect is the WW2 spy. Includes a printable worksheet.
3 Science Students learn about plant parts, then complete a diagram. Thanks Dianne!
3 Science This activity by teacher Lindsey Meloff is a nice follow-up for the one directly above. For Grade three Science, it focuses on Plant Usage, etc.
3 Science An alternate lesson on Plants and seeds. Thanks Scott!
3 Health This two-sided activity on Safety will help grade three classes. Thanks to teacher Debra Chitra.
3 Language Arts Mary Campisi has provided a two-page exercise in Letter Writing.
3 Language Arts Here's an introduction to Writing Book Reports. Thanks, Mary.
3 Social Studies Need some help teaching facts on Canada? Look no further.
3 Social Studies Here's an excellent worksheet on the Iroquois settlements.
3 Language Arts Kevin Goddard has created a nice "two-pager" on the Kipling story, "How The Leopard Got His Spots". Pair them up for this one.
3 Mathematics Steve Staios has prepared a worksheet on data gathering and patterning. Grade threes monitor the weather in their part of the province.
3 Mathematics An exercise in Tangrams.
3 Language Arts Everybody lives Dinosaurs.
3 Religion Lives of the Saints Study Sheet...by Tina Consoli.
3 Language Arts Learn all about Panda Bears.
3 Literacy Learn all about the insides of a computer.
3 Social Studies Teacher Shirley Moffett has sent in this excellent two-pager on Pioneer Life.
3 Science Teacher Kathy Roy has created an excellent activity on Soil Science. Thanks!
3 Environment An exercise in Global Citizenship by the StudentLink team.
3 Environment An introduction to Composting.
3 Mathematics An introductory look at polygons...
3 Science A close look at insects.
3 Social Studies Canada's newest territory, Nunavut.
3 Science A new worksheet on Plant Life.
3 Science Understanding Skyscrapers.
3 Literacy The Seven Wonders of the World
3 Science Learn more about soil.
3 Environment Students learn about Garbage.
3 Science Various modes of Transportation.
3 Science Wildlife Exploration
3 Science Mammals

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