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5/6 Social Studies Here is an activity sheet for grades five to eight on Prime Ministers of Canada with a focus on Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
6 Social Studies Iroquois Longhouses from the Royal Ontario Museum web site. The page takes the students through an archeological dig. Thanks, Margot!
6 Social Studies Aboriginal Peoples. Learn about great Native Canadians using the Kids' Stop web site from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

6 Science This activity introduces grade sixes to the process of Scientific Classification in Biology. Written with grade six in mind....
6 Science Here's an activity on classification.
6 Environment An excellent activity on composting.
6 Media
Jo Cool or Jo Fool?
6 Science This is a five page lesson package on the Characteristics of Flight.
6 Science Astronomer Sports Cards! Who woulda thunk it! Students also build a data chart on the Nine Planets. Have a look!
6 Arts The artist Vincent VanGogh.
6 Canadiana Facts on one of Canada's busiest cities.
6 Current Events Teacher Marla Zupan has created an exploration activity for the Time (Magazine) for Kids website. Have a look.
6 Language Arts This exercise will introduce students to KidsClick and reinforce the Dewey decimal system. Thanks to Marla Zupan for this contribution,
6 Current Events This activity utilizes the popular MSNBC website to examine current events.
6 Literacy This exercise uses the Infoplease website. Students learn to carry out an effective information search.
6 Media
DSBN teacher Natalie Edgar created this activity on Ad busting. Thanks.
6 Environment An exercise in Global Citizenship from the StudentLink team.
6 Themes This exercise focuses on the sanctity of Christmas for Catholic students.
6 Themes Internet 101 is an introduction to the web.
6 Themes Safe Kids is a follow-up to Internet 101.
6 Literacy Students learn the basics of Web Page Creation.
6 Catholic Students gain background regarding the elements of the Mass.
6 Computing Teacher Sarah Vance has contributed this excellent spreadsheet lesson. Thanks Sarah!
6 Computing The extension to the lesson directly above.
6 Environment An introduction exercise about ecosystems.
6 Literacy/SS An introduction to the role of the Canadian Coast Guard.
6 Environment Healthy Schools
6 Health Know your Ontario Fruits and Veggies.
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