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4 Health  Vitamins! Kelli Somers has her students use SL to access the exemplary Kid's Health Organization web site. Thanks, Kelli!
4 Social Studies This one takes students through the PBS: Medieval Siege pages. (Part 1)
4 Social Studies Lindsay's follow-up exercise: PBS: Medieval Siege (Part 2)
4 Social Studies Here's a two pager on the Great Lakes....
4 Science Lindsay Smith has created a two-pager on Sound. Enjoy.
4 Science These "Rocks" pages.....rock! Thanks, Lindsay.
4 Math Data management: Focus on Ontario Weather
4 Canada Here's a lesson from Consultant Steve Staios on Canada's Prime Ministers. Thanks, Steve!
4 Canada Another one from Steve: Physical Regions of Canada.
4 Environment Marla Zupan has created a page about environmental awareness.
4 Environment Preserving our Great Lakes.
4 Language Arts Learn more about the province of Ontario.
4 Writing Dealing with Anger.
4 Science Greg Mitchell has created six lessons on various biomes. Thanks, Greg! Rainforest Tundra
Taiga Desert
Temperate Grassland
4 Media
DSBN teacher Natalie Edgar created this activity on Ad busting. Thanks.
4 Environment An exercise in Global Citizenship from the StudentLink team.
4 Science A new exercise on pulleys and gears.
4 Science An introduction to the characteristics of light.
4 Social Studies An exercise on Medieval Times. Thank you Emily Girard!
4 Mathematics An introductory look at Area calculation.
4 Literacy Students hone reading comprehension skills researching Niagara Falls.
4 Literacy Canadian Trains are the subject of this investigation.
4 Mathematics An introduction to Translational Geometry for Grade Fours
4 Literacy Watermelons! Yum!
4 Mathematics Learn about interpreting Bar Graphs.
4 Health & P.E. Learn all about Milk!
4 Health & P.E. This one looks at Bike Safety.
4 Computers Brushing up on Keyboarding Skills.
4 Literacy Learn about MaMaMedia.
4 Literacy Who doesn't like Watermelon?
4 Sci. & Tech. All about Inventions.
4 Sci. & Tech. Learn about astronaut Sally Ride.

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