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This set of handouts was last checked and updated in July 2007.
8 Canadiana Culture An interesting look at Canadian life through early Canadian comic books...
8 Language
Reading An introduction to the elements of poetry via Edgar Allan Poe's classic "Annabelle Lee".
8 Language Arts Reading An examination of American poet Robert Frost and his most famous work...
8 Geography Population
Learn about the effects of population growth in developed and underdeveloped countries.
8 Geography Migration Halifax's Pier 21 Museum is the focus of this Geography lesson.
8 History Development of
Western Canada
Students learn about the R.C.M.P's role in opening the West through the journal of Sam Steele.
8 History Development of
Western Canada
Here's the first of several activities using information from the National Archives' Canadian West website.
8 History A
Changing Society
Information regarding the treatment of Japanese Canadians during and after WWII is examined.
8 Science and Technology Water Systems Two excellent activities designed to give students a better understanding of how we affect the watersheds near us.
8 Health and
Phys. Ed.
Healthy LIving This activity advances the students' knowledge of the Skeletal System.
8 Health and
Phys. Ed.
Healthy Living Here's a worksheet on Eating Disorders from Kelli Somers.
8 The Arts Music This activity will introduce students to two Halls of Fame: Rock an Roll, and Country Music.
8 Something
Canadians Learn about the Canadians who have won the Noble Prize. We're cooler than you think, eh?
8 Language Arts Reading Writing Originally for ESL students, the Writing Den helps all students with vocabulary, and comprehension.
8 Arts Music
Here's a good introduction to Musical Theatre in general and a closer look at West Side Story.
8 Media Literacy Body Language How to "read" a person.
8 Media Literacy The Classics Learn more about books that have stood the test of time.
8 Language Arts Reading Learn about popular writer Gordon Korman.
8 Language Arts Oral Communiction What is the difference between Irony and Satire?
8 Language Arts Writing Stuck for a Journal idea? This is the answer!
8 Environment Climate Change An exercise in Global Citizenship from the StudentLink team.
8 Computing Spreadsheets Teacher Sarah Vance has created this three page introduction to spreadsheets. Thanks!
8 Computing Spreadsheets The extension to the lesson directly above.
8 Science Optics Using CDROMs to understand Optics.

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