The Demonstration Versions smalltop.gif (1875 bytes)

Blue:    Win 9x, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7
Red:    Macintosh

This demonstration version of StudentLink is fully functional and has no time limit. Unlike the purchased product, the demo does not update on a monthly basis. Over time as the Internet changes, dead links will appear. Our demonstration version is updated occasionally. There may be some dead links. (Last Update: 1/23/2011)

Please Note: If your mail server refuses to accept downloads with the ".exe", ".zip", or ".sit" extensions, please e-mail us with the type of download you need (Win or Mac) and we'll assist you.

For the Windows (.exe) version, the setup program will want to create a directory and install itself.  Please accept the default. At the end of the installation, the setup program will place an icon on your desktop.

The Macintosh version will "unstuff" into its own folder. Point your browser to the index.htm file.


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