What is it?

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StudentLink Canada: Alberta Edition is a simple browser - based menu system that gets elementary students to thousands of appropriate, curriculum - based web sites as quickly as possible.

  • It resides on the local hard drive or school computer network server.

  • It consists of a highly compact installation package on mini-CD (7.1 megabytes).

  • It contains over ten thousand links to educational web sites

  • It is organized by grade, subject and curriculum strand for navigation by elementary students.

  • It is updated monthly. Dead links are replaced with teachers' suggestions.

  • Need a reason for your elementary students to use StudentLink Canada: Alberta Edition? How about thirty-six?

 StudentLink provides a three part solution:

The Menu System

Only three clicks away...
Once StudentLink is set as the default start page of a school workstation Internet browser, students can immediately click on the appropriate grade, subject, and strand; pinpointing relevant Internet web sites.

Follow the curriculum....

StudentLink has been released to compliment the strands and topics contained in The Alberta Ministry of Education and Training Curriculum Documents.

And still more...

Each grade contains sub-topics beyond the regular curriculum to help with general research such as Search Tools, Reference Tools, Canadiana, Themes and Features, and Current Events.

StudentLink contains a subset of over 1,000 links to resource web sites specifically for teachers. There's unit plans, lesson plans, hand-outs, quizzes, rubrics, and more.

Customized for you...
Client school boards receive a customized copy of StudentLink containing prominently displayed links to the board web site, student acceptable use policy, as well as a group of links to local web sites (of the board's choosing) featured on the current events pages.

2. StudentLink Monthly Maintenance
As the Internet is constantly in a state of flux, it's important to keep the StudentLink menu system up to date. To that end, all purchasers are invited to use the Studentlink web site (www.studentlink.ca) to download a monthly patch file to automatically update the StudentLink links. This way the product is always "fresh out of the box". Access to the monthly update file is free for one year with the purchase of the product. Further updates are available at 50.00 per school per year. There is no obligation as to who downloads the patch or how frequently it occurs. It's up to the client.

3. The Start - Up Handout Package and the On-line Lesson Library
Each school and board license comes with a package of ready - to - photocopy hand-outs for each grade. The hand-outs are in the form of a step by step "walk-through" to get the student and teacher started using StudentLink. Further lesson activities are available on line. Click on "The Lesson Library".

File Size
Despite containing over 10,000 links, the entire StudentLink system compresses down to 2 megabytes. Installed, the menu system is just under 7 MB.

Versions and Media
It is available in both Windows and Macintosh media.

Because StudentLink is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) based, it will function perfectly on any operating system (Apple, Macintosh, Unix, Windows) workstation capable of browsing the World Wide Web. StudentLink contains no operating system files (dll's, vxd's etc.) and resides only in its own directory. StudentLink can be installed to workstation hard drives or shared (with a school or board site license) from a single copy on a network server.

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