The Monthly Update

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During the introductory/evaluation period, registered testers of StudentLink Canada: Alberta Edition will receive free access to updates.  Each month the approved client/tester is e-mailed the location of the update file.

Clients of StudentLink Canada Ltd. receive free access to the monthly update for one year from date of purchase of the StudentLink package. Each month the approved client is e-mailed the location of the update file.

Clients wishing to renew their subscription, that is, purchase an extra year of  monthly updates, should click here for the fax back order form. Please note: the subscription applies to September through August only. The cost is $50.00 (per school per year) plus applicable taxes.

Q: Can you tell me more about the monthly updates?

A: Each month the StudentLink database of 10,000+ links to the web is checked manually by a team of teachers contracted for the task. Each month all dead links are removed and replaced with suggestions provided by teachers from across the province as well as our regular SL contributors. We work to keep the number of unavailable links in StudentLink to one percent or less at any given moment. The fewer the number of dead links, the better the chances of students staying on task and teachers staying happy.

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