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Thirty-six reasons why your students should be using StudentLink Canada: Alberta Edition...

  1. Fast. Gets students to curriculum - based (outcomes - based) information quickly.
  2. Built by teachers.
  3. Built for students.
  4. Over three years in research and development.
  5. Easy installation.
  6. Gets faster as you use it.
  7. One version for both Public and Catholic schools.
  8. Free "Starter Kit" Black Line Master package with curriculum expectations and planner codes.
  9. Free online lesson library.
  10. Needs no teacher assistance.
  11. Updated monthly (Update access is $50.00 per year per school. First year is free!)
  12. Grade - based.
  13. Subject - based.
  14. Strand - based (specific to grade).
  15. Unique product (as far as we know!!).
  16. Relatively inexpensive.
  17. Uses very little hard drive space.
  18. Includes Search Tools: one-click access to popular search engines and meta-crawlers.
  19. Includes Reference Tools: one-click access to encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries.
  20. Includes Environment resources.
  21. Includes TeacherLink: over nine hundred resource links for teachers.
  22. Leads students away from recreational surfing and redirects to true educational sites.
  23. Cuts student and staff frustration.
  24. Does not hinder other searches or selected sites.
  25. Attractive, student - friendly interface.
  26. Virtually no scrolling.
  27. Distinct icons for challenged readers or ESL students.
  28. Does not over-ride or interfere with content filters.
  29. Contains cross - curricular themes and features.
  30. Activity based where possible (through Shockwave apps).
  31. Consistent use of only common plug-ins (Realplayer, Media Player, Quicktime, Shockwave).
  32. Available in both Mac and Windows media.
  33. Downloads and runs on any Internet capable server or workstation.
  34. Can be accessed at client level or shared on a school or board server.
  35. Scaled for grades. (fewer choices and therefore less confusion in primary grades).
  36. Can be set up as "home page" or "linked" behind a non-public firewall.

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