The comments below are based on StudentLink Canada: Ontario Edition (StudentLink). Comments on our Alberta product will be posted as they become available.

"Studentlink has been a great resource for both teachers and students at the Upper Grand District School Board.  With only one install at our Board's web server we quickly deployed Studentlink. Monthly updates are done in minutes. Due to the intuitive layout of StudentLink we found that there was no need to train our staff.  Simply making it available and mentioning it in newsletters made StudentLink an overnight hit with teachers."

Bill MacKenzie, ICT Consultant
Upper Grand District School Board

"Fantastic! I love it! My students love it! What a great way to utilize our classroom computers!"

Anna Mazziotti, Grade Three Teacher,
 Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland, Clarington C.D.S.B.

"Safety on-line is certainly one of the many advantages of using the StudentLink Internet menu system. By guiding students to appropriate sites quickly and easily they have little opportunity or reason to wander aimlessly on the Internet and find questionable sites. I highly recommend the StudentLink Internet Menu system. Our school will gladly pay the 395.00 (school site license) for the use of this system."

John Baker, Information Technology Teacher, Hamilton-Wentworth D.S.B.

I started using the internet in 1996. In all that time I have never seen an organization put together such a fantastic collection of curriculum-relevant links. I have been promoting your StudentLink product to every teacher I know. Keep up the great work!

Mike Anderson, Grade Six Teacher, Upper Grand District School Board

"StudentLink is indeed a godsend for our staff and students.  The comment I get from teachers is the same: "This really helps me in my units because I don't have a lot of resources to use".  In the past month I have worked with students from grade one to grade eight on SL2 with excellent results.   I can't thank you enough for your vision and hard work.  I even demonstrated this to parents so they can see how the internet is useful to students.  They were impressed!"

Roman Caruk, Computer Resource Teacher, H.W.C.D.S.B.

"StudentLink has saved me hours of searching for curriculum - based, student - friendly web sites. It is geared toward the new curriculum, therefore subject matter is relevant to all subject areas. I love it!"

M. Kelly, Grade Two Teacher

"StudentLink definitely gives grade one kids a faster route to find sites. My kids were accustomed to it very well by the second time they used StudentLink 2."

Jamie Thiers, Grade One Teacher

"Wow! Just a paragraph? StudentLink has been a resource I wouldn't want to do without. Its connection to the curriculum makes it an academic tool that the students appreciate. It's "one-stop shopping" for research, so to speak. 
As a teacher, I have found it invaluable both as a resource for my students and myself. If I want to find some information on a Science strand (ie., Earth's Crust), I can go to a variety of levels to come up with innovative ideas and pertinent, age-level information. StudentLink is an academic link to success. Kudos to Jim Finan for his work in creating this!"

T. K. Sheppard, Grade Seven Teacher

"StudentLink is a valuable tool to encourage students to read and research using the Internet. Assignments are easy to design using four or five succinct directions which direct students to icons, labels or colours. Reading ability is leveled according to grades. Internet sites are designed to support (Ontario) curriculum expectations. I have found this menu system easy for students to navigate. As a result, students are enthusiastic and motivated to learn on the computer.Since web sites are continually updated I'm assured of quality, current research material which has been field tested by other teachers and students."

Debra Chitra, Grade Three Teacher

"StudentLink has proven advantageous in my grade six classroom. It saves quality computer time because it accesses curriculum specific activities promptly and accurately. Because "searching" time is saved, the students' time on task increases and precious research is accomplished. The Internet can be a valuable resource tool, but when used in conjunction with StudentLink, it successfully makes learning easier and faster."

Margot Jacobs, Grade Six Teacher

"I thought StudentLink was very helpful in supplementing the curriculum. There are many interesting and relevant activities for all areas of the curriculum, and for many specific areas of study. It is easy to navigate and well organized. I recommend everyone take the time to check it out!"

Patricia Loveys, Grade Two Teacher

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